[WriteLog] Networking Issue

Brian Sarkisian cqkg8co at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 20:43:57 EDT 2004

I am having an issue with networking 3 computers with

Computer 1 is running XP Home
Computer 2 is running Win 95 
Computer 3 is running Win ME

The computers are connected via a router.

All 3 computers see one another under Windows.  I can 
share files etc.

Computer 2 and 3 see each other under Writelog, and
will pass information back and forth. Computer 1 will
also see the information passed from computer 2 or 3.

Computer 1 will connect to computer 2 and 3, however,
even though computer 1 is connected to computer 2 and
3 and will accept their traffic, computers 2 and 3
don't realize computer 1 is connected.

Computers 2 and 3 will try to connect to computer 1,
and it looks like they are connected for a split
second, then I get a "computer 1 lost" message.

Any ideas?

Thank You

Brian, KG8CO

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