[WriteLog] FS W5XD / K5DJ Multikeyer

Jerry Ford benlightnd13 at mchsi.com
Tue Apr 6 08:52:03 EDT 2004

Well Ladies and Gentlemen:

I've been reminded that my keyer does not have the lastest and
greatest software available to date.

This obviously makes it's value less than I had first thought.      I
have'nt checked to see what an upgrade of the software costs but I'm
sure you folks are more than aware of that.

So,    lets do it this way !!

IF anyone is interested in a W5XD / K5DJ Multikeyer please make me an
offer on this one.
Again it's very clean and it works great.   ( I'm using version 10.28
of Writelog )

Thanks again for the bandwidth.

73          Jerry         N0JRN
FP # 546, 4SQRP,  ARS # 923,   ARCI # 11049,   ARRL,   QRP-L  #2528
Springfield,  Mo.  MP +   #8         http://home.mchsi.com/~n0jrn

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