[WriteLog] Hum in Audio

Dave L Thompson k4jrb at juno.com
Tue Apr 6 19:56:42 EDT 2004

I don't have any problem with my FT 920 direct or thru the sound card.  I
did find some problems with the built in equalizer so I used the menu to
turn it off and add 225hz of base to the audio as the locals said I was
tinny and thin sounding.  Mic is a Heil with HC-4 element.  I have two
more Heil boom mic sets and a Telex Contester boom mic set and its the
same with all of them.  The telex sounds like a HC-5 type element.  
There is nothing noted in the Yaesu service notes or the Yaesu page at
WM7D on mic audio at all.  A good ground is almost always required by
Yaesu gear or feedback occurs.  I keep a MFJ artificial ground around to
check the ground if there is a problem.  The FT 920 has not had any
problems that my earlier Yaesu's encountered.  
73 Dave K4JRB   

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 16:06:33 -0500 Bob Naumann - N5NJ <n5nj at gte.net>
> Apprently, this is a common problem with FT-920's and their mic 
> inputs.
> I don't know the resolution.

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