[WriteLog] Networking Issue Part II (Making Progress) I think

Eric Scace K3NA eric at k3na.org
Wed Apr 7 22:35:11 EDT 2004

   Key subtle point for this mixed machine environment:  the PASSWORD and USERNAME for all three machines must also be ALL CAPS and
NO SPACES.  Win98 and earlier barf unpredictably if the username/password used for networking is lower case or contains spaces.

   Create a user account on all three machines with the same username (e.g., KC8GOKC8GO) and an uppercase password (e.g.,
BRIANBRIAN).  Log into that account on each machine and run WriteLog.  Then all should be OK.

-- Eric K3NA

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I have been working on the networking situation, and
have taken the suggestions of keeping everything

Station 1 is called A  Win ME
Station 2 is called B  Win 95
Station 3 is called C  Win XP

Everything is in CAPS

As it was in the beginning stations A and B work
together fine, and the issue is still with station C
the XP machine.

When I ask the Computer C the XP machine to link to
station A or even B for that matter, a network
password request box pops up on the Win ME and Win (5

The box says "You must supply a password to make this

After that here is what in the box....

Computer Name: C
Application: WLognet
User: A
Domain: MSHOME
Password:  Is blank and I not sure what to put in
there or how to disable that function.

It looks like the XP machine is requesting this

As I had mentioned before ... all of the computers see
one another under Windows Explorer and can share

Thank You

Brian, KG8CO

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