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Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Thu Apr 8 12:08:34 EDT 2004


Good morning. Since I don't have a FT 101 let me describe what I do when I 
switch to PSK31 using my FT1000mp.

I first change the TU TYPE from the MMTTY plug=in to Stereo Soundboard AFSK 
(mono probably works too if you have only one radio). Then I change the 
MODE to BPSK. I have my psk tones set to 1500 Hz in writelog.ini so that 
which every radio opens the psk window first it matches the center of the 
band pass. The default is 2125 hz I believe. Then I place the FT1000mp in 
LSB (just like you were doing FSK) and then adjust the bandpass tuning to 
peak signals in the center of the display. I check LSB is really FSK (which 
you have probably already done if you can transmit). Then carefully tune 
signals to center of display. I sometimes have to diddle with the sound 
board record volume control to get the signals to show on my display. I 
would bypass the MFJ 784B until you get the rest of it working - it does 
work also I use one, but just to eliminate a variable that could be cutting 
your receive audio to the soundboard.

Hope this might give you some ideas.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 04:36 PM 4/7/2004 -0400, YV5AAX wrote:
>           Hello All,
>    I am using WL from years now. It works" FB " on RTTY, CW,
>SSB , Worked many contest with it, but have big problem with
>PSK mode. There is no decode on psk31 signals.
>          Currently am using version 10.23,  running old TX-RX
>Yaesu FT 101 ZD with external sinthetized VFO FV 101DM.
>Also  using MFJ 784B tunable DSP filter. Interface is simple homebrew, using
>VOX for keying.
>  Have no problem running others programs like Digipan and standalone MMTTY.
>          In the tuning WL window there is RF activity, fase strap is active
>in all directions (up,down, right, left (like crazy)) and when trasmitting
>it seems to be working OK, rig is keyed and can heard the psk sigs
>output buzzing, but no decode at all on received sigs.
>          Would like to work the comming Tara psk contest with WL, and not
>(like in the past years) with Digipan.
>          Any help will be welcome.
>                                                   TIA,  from YV5AAX - Aldo
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