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YV5AAX yv5aax at cantv.net
Sun Apr 11 09:11:35 EDT 2004

       Jim (N6VH) thanks for help, but yes I have setup
correctly every thing, TU  TYPE for sound card AFSK, Mode checked for BPSK,
have the psk window active
with rf sigs but that don´t do the trick, HI.
        As I said B4 all program I have here works just fine,
WL is working FB on RTTY, CW, SSB, the only and only thing is not working is
the decode of PSK 31 sigs. with
Writelog program.
        Decode with others programs like Digipan , Zakanaka
and MixW are working with the same setup here just fine
in decoding PSK31 signals.
        Anyhow thanks to everybody for traying to help me
with this problem .
                                         Happy EASTER to all
        YV5AAX - Aldo

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> Aldo,
> The RTTY window in Writelog can be setup to decode PSK 31. In the "TU
> TYPE" menu check sound card AFSK. In the "Mode" menu check BPSK. That
> should do the trick. To the best of my knowledge (I could be wrong), the
> stand-alone version of MMTTY does not decode PSK 31.
> 73,
> Jim N6VH
> YV5AAX wrote:
> >         Hello
> > Thanks to all who replied to my problem with WL/PSK 31 decode.  I gived
it up. No way to decode psk31 sigs. For sure it isn´t hardware problem. Am
runnig others software like MixW, Digipan, Zakanaka, XM-log, MMTTY stand
alone and plugin with WL and no problem with
 decoding psk sigs, but Writelog.
    Writelog is great program for contests and as
 somebody said here time ago: " WL can make everything,
 but not coffee" I would add neither PSK 31 decoding.
     So will run MixW for the next comming  Tara Skirmish
 contest. Hope to see You and work you all there.
           Thanks es HAPPY EASTER  de YV5AAX - Aldo

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> >>Very true MMTTY is only for FSK and will not decode PSK-31.  Instead for
PSK-31 select RTTYwrite decoder which is part of the basic WriteLog
> > installation- it does FSK, PSK and CW depending on which mode you
> >
> >>73 W0ETC
> >>
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> >>>          Hello All,
      I am using WL from years now. It works" FB " on RTTY, CW, SSB , Worked
many contest with it, but have big problem with PSK mode. There is no decode
on psk31 signals. Currently am using version 10.27,  running old TX-RX Yaesu
FT 101 ZD with external sinthetized VFO FV 101DM.
     Also  using MFJ 784B tunable DSP filter. Interface is simple homebrew,
using VOX for keying.
 Have no problem running others programs like Digipan and standalone MMTTY.
  In the tuning WL window there is RF activity, fase strap is active in all
directions (up,down, right, left (like crazy)) and when  trasmitting it
seems to be working OK, rig is keyed and can heard the psk sigs output
buzzing, but no decode at all on received sigs.
       Would like to work the comming Tara psk contest with WL, and not
(like in the past years) with Digipan.
         Any help will be welcome.
                                                      TIA,  from YV5AAX -
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