[WriteLog] WriteLog Multi-Keyer

Art Searle W2NRA w2nra at birdsandbeacons.com
Sun Apr 11 15:20:58 EDT 2004

Hello All,

Previously I expressed dissatisfaction with the
WriteLog Multi-Keyer.  This message is a
retraction and correction to what I reported.
The keyer works perfectly with the latest version
of the software, 10.46G.  As proof of this my
keyer is not for sale!

I purchased a new Multi-Keyer along with WriteLog
ver 10.44B.  I could not get the keyer to work
properly with PTT connected to my rig (FT-1000MP
Field).  QSK keying would work if the PTT was
disconnected from the rig.  PTT keying would work
if the PTT was connected, but it keyed erratically
if I attempted QSK.  The rig would key erratically
even when the rig's Break-in button was not on.  I
posted this problem to the WriteLog group and all
I got was confirmation from other subscribers
confirming my problem.  The keyer was a new
purchase and so was the software.  I was
aggravated.   I criticized the keyer to the
WriteLog group and stated I would be selling my
keyer.  I stopped using it and even packed it up
to sell it.  I then saw a posting from W5XD
stating that he had looked into the problem and
that it was a software problem involving
transmitting using the paddles and that the next
version of WriteLog would fix it. I was skeptical.
I couldn't see how a software change could fix a
keying problem but when ver 10.46G came out I
decide to give the keyer one last try.  Well it
worked perfectly and I can now easily switches
from PTT to QSK.

Bottom line, the WriteLog Multi-Keyer works
perfectly with PTT keying and QSK keying.  It also
works great with DXBase 2004.  Another benefit
over directly keying my rig from Write-Log is that
I maintain easy use of my paddles and keyboard
keying at the same time.  I had to turn on and off
my rig's keyer to switch between keyboard keying
and paddle keying.  The paddles are always at the
ready with the Multi-Keyer and so is a straight
key for tuning the AMPLIFIER (smoke 'em if you got

I APOLOGIZE to the makers of the WriteLog keyer
for my strong criticism of your product.

I do have some advise for WriteLog to help your

1) It is a fair assumption that each version of
WriteLog Software would be fully compatible with
current versions of other WriteLog products.

2) Provide an instruction manual with your keyer.
I know the instructions are on the WriteLog
website.  This is not my complaint but I've heard
some criticisms and frustrations in setting up
their new keyers.




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