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Stan Staten n3hs at qsl.net
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I am assuming that the new computer will be running WinXP.  I have used
the WinXP control panel to reassign com ports.  The drivers that come
with the usb2serial may or may not offer this convenience.  I have seen
WinXP think a com port is used when I made some major changes such as
changing mother board (keeping the same hard disks, etc.) and I just
assighed the ports there where they had perviously been.  XP complained,
but when I rebooted all was fine.  Other times I have moved a port to a
high number (i.e. something like 7 or 8) and then rebooted and finally
put the port I wanted on the lower numbered port where I want it.   I
use a SIIG dual serial card in my computer to give 4 com ports.  If the
computer has a modem, it may already show com2 in use.  I have run my
rotor in DX4WIN on both com3 and com7 successfully.  It is a slight bit
more difficult to use com port numbers above 4 in Writelog, but not too
difficult.  That is well documented in the Writelof docs.  I have
recently been using a usb 2 serial converter I got from RT systems with
the programming software for a Yaesu FT-7800.  I have actually only used
it so far on my GPS but it seems to work just fine.  The nice thing
about the PCI multiple serial cards and the USB2serial adapters is that
although the system thinks of them as using a com port of a specific
number you do not have IRQ conflicts like in the old days when I used to
run a dial-up BBS and a packet BBS on one computer under desqview.
Sharing interrupts in those days was sometimes a real adventure (may DOS
stay dead forever!!!).

Hope this rambling helps.  Let me know if I can help more.

73 Stan, N3HS

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Hello, I have seen some reference to this on here before. I will be 
upgrading to a
new computer soon and it only has one serial port. My existing computer
has two serial ports which I use for :

Com 1		Radio control
Com 2		TU

Any recommendations for a converter to access my TU with the new
(USB to serial converter)?
Also, do these units come with some type of software? When I use
to assign Com 2
to my TU how will it know where to go on the USB to find the old Com 2? 
Another "first time"
user questions. Thanks and 73 de Joe, W6RLL.

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