[WriteLog] SoundBoardIndex= not working in 10.46G?

Wayne Wright w5xd at alum.mit.edu
Sat Apr 17 20:11:48 EDT 2004

>I've tried entereing 0-3 in the soundboardindex paramater in the ini
>file and the audio is always on the same sound board - the primary
>one in the system. Is this paramater still available in 10.46G or am
>I maybe missing something?

Look in the help file under [WlSound] or search for "mixer". The INI
parameters used changed in 10.43 or so. FYI--they changed because previous
versions of WL used a single INI parameter to control which sound board is
used for both receive and transmit. They had to be separated into two
different parameters because when you add a second sound board to your PC,
Windows can--and will--scramble the assignments to the new board. It might
be #0, or it might be #1, and it might even make the "record" side of the
new board #1 while making the playback side of the board #0. Use WriteLog's
"Sound Board Mixer" control to select which board WL uses and all this will
get descrambled in your INI file.


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