[WriteLog] Why still no SSB message Mod ?

Eric Hilding eric at hilding.com
Mon Apr 26 13:01:29 EDT 2004

As Field Day approaches, I've been asked by the local club facilitator to 
pull together the SSB voice-keying stuff.

I was shocked to find that the latest WL still only has 10 SSB message 
options compared to 20 for CW.  Has this long overdue mod fallen through 
the cracks?  It's really a super "must" handling ALL individual component 
part variatinos in the Fall SS as well.

A special bank of one-button color-coded Macro keys will trigger the 
following pre-records, but with only 10 current SSB positions, and a 
realistic need for at least 15 or 16 options, we're screwed:

SSB Macro Key triggers
1. Their Call
2. Our Call (non-phonetic)
3. Our Call (phonetic)
4. Full Exchange
5. Class (only)
6. Section (only)
7. Again?
8. CQ (option 1 - short)
9. CQ (option 2 - long)
10. Please Repeat
11. Your Class?
12. Your Section?
13. QRZ?
14. QSL
15. Roger
16. Thanks!

Perhaps there is a "Mystery Switch" somewhere to enable more than 10 SSB 


Rick, K6VVA

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