[WriteLog] WTEU contest on may 1.

DESLOOVERE DIRK d.desloovere at skynet.be
Mon Apr 26 14:46:05 EDT 2004

Hi all, 

The "Welcome to the European Union Contest" is due on may 1.

This first and only WTEUcontest is organised by the Union of Belgian Amateurs UBA and uses SSB, CW and RTTY

I invite all  Writelog users to take part is this contest.   There are many categories : 6 hours, 12 hours, ... ,  SOAB, LP, QRP , .... see the rules link below.

You can use  Writelog to log this contest in ARI contest mode, since the ARI uses also CW, SSB and RTTY modes.  I will mail the ADIF file and the score shall be computed by the organisers. 

Please include Callsign, category,  name and address in your mail and/or
summary sheet.

Send your log to weu.contest at uba.be

You can have a look at the rules at




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