[WriteLog] Use for View Split Screen

Ric Plummer ricp at charter.net
Wed Apr 28 13:35:44 EDT 2004

I find it useful to view different columns in the log
For example, you want to view time ,seq,date,time,call but then also view
say country or prefix.
I only use a small part of the screen ( about 1/3 of width and 1/2 of the
height ) for entry as I have two band maps, spots and a bunch of other stuff
on the screen.
So, using split, you can choose what right hand column to display.
Ric KV1W

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> Does anyone use this function?  Is so, for what?  If I get a few private
> emails on this Ill publish the results.
> Hal
> N4GG
> N4GG at arrl.net
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