[WriteLog] SO1.5R

Ian White, G3SEK G3SEK at ifwtech.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 16:53:00 EDT 2004

I'm exploring the possibilities for running dual selectable receive and 
transmit on the FT-1000MP... a kind of "SO1.5R" or "SO2R lite".

Following the SO2R instructions on K9JY's site and the Dual Receive 
instructions on AA5AU's site, I now have VFOs A and B configured as 
"Radio Left" and "Radio Right".  That gives me dual receive, and the 
option to transmit on either VFO.

I also followed the instructions to run two sound cards for RTTY. If I 
click on a callsign in either RTTYwrite window, the call is dropped into 
the correct keyboard input line, the programmed messages reply to that 
callsign, and that line has the focus for further QSO input.

That's excellent - it isn't quite SO2R, but it does everything you could 
ask of a dual-VFO rig on a single band... well almost.

The only problem is, the VFO for TX still has to be selected manually 
from the rig. I just *know* I'm going to forget that, and reply on the 
wrong frequency!

Is there any way to make the MP's TX VFO selection follow WriteLog's L-R 
switching automatically in a setup like this?

A possibly related question might be: what *is* the "Second VFO support 
for FT-1000" that was added in v10.45? It's mentioned in the update 
history, but nowhere else (that I could find).

73 from Ian G3SEK

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