[WriteLog] GoodTime in CQWWCW

Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Thu Dec 2 04:40:33 EST 2004

We also had a good time in CQWW CW from the Signal
Point station, PJ2T, in Curacao!

I think we made a few converts to Writelog among
those TR users who were first-time operators at
PJ2T. After initial bouts of "fear of the unknown",
everyone was productive in short order.

We had four networked Win98SE computers for our
four station positions, running Writelog V10.48F
for our Multi/2 operation.


Jeff Maass  K8ND

Station Manager  PJ2T, 
  Caribbean Contesting Consortium

CCC Web Site: http://www.pj2t.org

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> Just a short note to tell you that I had a very good time in the CQWWCW last 
> weekend.  I only S&P and made only 400 Q's but Writelog worked perfectly all 
> weekend.  This is the first CW contest since upgrading to WinXP and I had no 
> problem at all with choppy CW (not that I had much of a problem before).
> But what was really fun was using the Packet Spots window set to Azim Sort.  
> This way I could work stations in clusters at the same beamheading.  I used to 
> have to remember where all the prefixs where.
> Also I want to thank Garry, NI6T for his note on setting up a shortcut key for 
> the rotor control.  It was so much easier hitting the one key with the left 
> little finger than the mouse key clicks.  For you that missed it I paste it at 
> the bottom.
> I did not use the network so can't comment about it but everything else worked. 
>  I did have the log on my thumb drive the whole contest and it didnt miss.
> 73 
> Joe K0BX STL
> "There AREN'T any single keystrokes to position the rotator---but you can
> define one, using Tools/Keyboard Shortcuts.
> Go to the Add Shortcuts subwindow, press Next Key Pressed, press the key you
> wish to use, which then appears in the Shortcut Keystroke entry box. (I use
> GRAVE, the key to the left of "1".)
> Then select RadioAntennaToAzimuth in the Command to Run dropdown menu, press
> Add Shortcut, and you are done.
> Save Configuration for good measure.
> Garry, NI6T"
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