[WriteLog] Update 10.51M ready to download..

Ron k5dj k5dj at austin.rr.com
Fri Dec 3 21:47:59 EST 2004

 New and Fixed in version: 10.51M

 WAQP update
 Makrothen contest update
 Fix to W9XT card record from SHIFT+Fn
 MDCQP update (BCT to BCO)
 ARCI module update for 6 digit ARCI numbers in Cabrillo  
 Add SCQP module  Fix TCP/IP networking reliability problem 
 %Fn key handles n greater than 9, and also, on an empty 
 field, lookup its value as the F key is pressed.
 Fix failure to handle MK-1100 PTT properly on SSB transmission 
 after pressing the CW paddles and before sending a CW Fkey message. 
 RC2800PX rotator control
 Preset exchange has priority over calculated fields even when the 
 CALL determines the multiplier. 
 When opening a file from the startup screen, the time off calculation 
 wasn't restarting properly. Now it does.  
 Support K1EL Winkey. Two INI entries added.  
 Support D80 setting in LZDX contest 
 Fix TCP/IP networking reliability problem (also posted as


 73, de Ron K5DJ

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