[WriteLog] modes again

Chuck Fullgraf cfullgraf at sprynet.com
Mon Feb 9 10:16:19 EST 2004

I have to agree with Jerry. The auto filling band map was a bit of a pain.
Not that I can see the use for some, I don't use any cluster so calls in the
bandmap are ones that I put there and stations often move before the time
expires on the band map (I guess I need to shorten up that time a bit).

With features such as these, maybe a "place holder" could be put in the ini
file to make it easy to find, or if that would make the ini file too large,
a help screen that details all of the possible commands that could be placed
in the ini file. (If the later already exists, excuse the bandwidth. I'll
admit, I haven't looked for it.).

Chuck, KE4OAR

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> All,
> We have had a good tread going this last week on software features and
> "modes".
> I think some of these "efficiency" features are neat. I still have to try
> the clone rtty windows (I turned them off trying to determine what was
> causing all the bad behavior)  so that is on the list of things to try for
> BUT the example of FILLING from the Bandmap being active when I had done
> nothing to activate it is in my opinion wrong. There were no commands in
> writelog.ini file to cause this feature to be turned on but yet it was. I
> had to stop and read the new help pages on the [Bandmap] to find out there
> are not one but four new parameters to be added and set to zero to turn
> them off.
> IMHO, all these neat features should default OFF. If I do nothing explicit
> to turn them on then they stay off. I should not have to turn off someone
> else's nice to have "efficiency" feature.
> OK, I am off my soap box for a while
> Jerry, W6IHG
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