[WriteLog] Writelog and MMTTY - don't get along anymore

Cal Kutemeier ckuter at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 1 18:11:46 EST 2004

My old radio PC died a few weeks ago.  I replaced it with an IBM 380Z
Thinkpad running W98SE.  I can run MMTTY as a standalone without any
problems.  I have the MMTTY / WL plug-in installed, but everytime I load WL,
after selecting a particular RTTY contest, the radio goes into TX mode and
stays there.  I then turn the radio off and on and it is the RX mode.  When
I go into Setup?  for the serial ports, and then exit that menu, the radio
goes into TX again and I have to turn the radio off.

After I exit the WL program, it seems the soundcard is still 'attached' to
the WL program since Digipan and other soundcard programs do not work and
give me a message about the soundcard.  No waterfall in Digipan when this

I am using Com 2 for MMTTY.  COM 1 is the modem.  I use COM 6 via a Belkin
USB adapter F5U103 for rig control, but I have changed the WL setup up to
remove the rig control because of this problem.

I have deleted and reloaded the MMTTY v1.65, the MMTTY / WL v 1.03? (where
can I download a fresh version of this - not on WL or MMTTY sites) and WL

Any ideas about the stopping the change to TX upon start up?  Looking
forward to RTTY RU this weekend.


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