[WriteLog] Wrong QTH

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Mon Jan 5 20:57:53 EST 2004

I worked VO2NS at 2053UTC Saturday and he gave NL as the province. When I 
worked him on a different band Sunday at 1956UTC, he was giving LB. I will 
submit what he sent and assume the file checker robot is smart enough to 
deal with it properly.

Jerry W4UK

At 18:33 1/5/04, Tom Burkhart wrote:
>A Canadian station reported his QTH as NL. When checked the log this was 
>not scored. After checkig the call sign I found that the call's QTH should 
>have been listed as LB. Should I change the log to reflect this or should 
>I just submit the cabrillo log as is and hope for a correction of the score?
>                                         Tom Burkhart
>                                         KE4KWE

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