[WriteLog] Networking

Tom McDermott tom.mcdermott4 at verizon.net
Wed Jan 28 15:21:08 EST 2004

Hi Bob,

	Older versions of Windows have some NETBIOS limitations.
Here is a link to the archives that shows the problem. BTW - Ethereal
really helps debug these problems fast. This link is a detailed
explanation from the WRITELOG archives:


	Summary: Win95 maps all NETBIOS characters to UPPERCASE, and
truncates the name at a space character, while WinXP does not. You can
have two windows machines talking to each other through explorer (seeing
the folders, files, etc.) yet NETBIOS is not talking!

	Also, if you are using DHCP, make sure that there is no "lmhosts"
file on either machine, or if you do, that the flags in that file do not
override specific host name resolution.

	You can look at the NETBIOS table with a DOS command:

nbtstat -n

	which lists the NETBIOS table on your local machine. nbtstat
without a switch will give you help for the nbtstat command (you
can look at remote machines, for example).

	-- Tom, N5EG

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