[WriteLog] how do you guys handle

Jamie Dupree 2004 at jdupree.com
Tue May 4 12:55:38 EDT 2004

Fire Brick -

It took me awhile to remember, but you can force
Writelog to log a QSO - without anything in terms
of an exchange, the wrong type of exchange,
a completely bogus call, etc, by using:

Shift + Enter

One note about using two different Writelog logs
at the same time - I've noticed when you are in
the CW mode that WL will only use the F-messages
set up on the first log you opened, so you 
might have to set up your messages to take
that into account. Try it and see what you get.
Here is a question - what does the "DS" column
stand for in the MAQP log? When I was testing
things out last night, I would enter a call and
log it, and the number 19 is logged under DS.
(I'm sure it's something real obvious.)

Jamie NS3T

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