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Georgek5kg at aol.com Georgek5kg at aol.com
Thu May 6 12:10:03 EDT 2004

In a message dated 5/6/2004 10:53:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
2004 at jdupree.com writes:
In this weekend's Mid Atlantic QSO Party, the size of
the mult window is so big that it will not fit on
my second computer monitor (a 15 inch screen.)

I wonder how others deal with something like that
in terms of changing the font in the .ini file,
or the layout of the monitor itself.

Or is there any secret way to split the mults
into a couple of different "pages" for viewing?

Thanks for the help.

Jamie NS3T

As far as I know, contest mult windows are fixed in size.  I personally find 
them difficult to deal with, especially the larger ones.  I only use one 
monitor, so there are times I can't find room for the mult window.

73, Geo...

George Wagner, K5KG
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