[WriteLog] RTTY SO2V

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Fri May 7 00:20:30 EDT 2004


I want the same.  Unfortunately no idea of how to achieve it.  Sure 
would be nice to have in WL.

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

G3SJJ wrote:

>I've renewed my subs and downloaded 10.47E so hopefully this third try will
>get through. Out of curiosity I have just looked at the website for N1MM
>Logger, (I have no intention of changing over) and noticed that SO2V (Single
>Operator 2 VFOs) was selectable. I didn't look any further but suspect it is
>what my 2 previous postings were asking about.
>What I want for CW and SSB is to display VFO A and VFO B in the 2 Log Entry
>windows when you select Radio, Number of Radios (ie VFOs), 2 and for them to
>track the VFOs.
>I have followed instructions from the AA5AU, K9JY sites and the recent info
>posted by G3SEK, but I cannot even get VFO B to display any frequency of VFO
>B. (FT1kMP, WL10.47E) So :
>1 - Have I got it set up incorrectly?
>2 - Is there a bug?
>3 - Is it unachievable?
>Chris G3SJJ
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