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J. Keller k3bz at arrl.net
Thu May 6 23:21:50 EDT 2004

I've been following this thread, but I don't understand the problem as
concerns this year's FQP. I used WriteLog 10.46 for this year's FQP. Does
this mean the log I submitted has flaws?  Will I need to do something and
Pl,ease advise..... 73, Jerry K3BZ

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> We noticed in this year's running of the FQP that certain features of the
> Writelog FQP contest module could be improved.  Ron, K5DJ of WL fame has
> to make the changes.
> I am volunteering to consolidate any changes from the FQP participants and
> work with K5DJ to test them.
> If you have ideas about how the WL FQP module can be improved, please send
> them to me.  I will summarize all ideas with all who respond before they
> presented to Ron.
> Tnx & 73, Geo...K4KG/m in the FQP.
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