David Ashworth fathom at Access4Less.net
Sun May 16 14:35:16 EDT 2004

Hello Karl and all operators.  A good site for Cabrillo converters is:
http://sp7ps.pl/sp7dqr/eng/index_en.html , then click on the left top panel
"converters".  AA5AU mentioned this a couple of days ago, but good for
repeating again. Thank you SP7DQR for the programs. Where conditions bad?
Seems like only 20 meters was open from Northern California.  Best regards,
Dave, NC6P.

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> I have not been following the reflector closely so I apologize if this
> question has already been covered by the group.
> Do we have a module that outputs cabrillo for the Volta contest.  I'm
> running 10.46G and it does not offer a cabrillo export.
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