[WriteLog] LPT CW Keying

Stan Staten stan.staten at comcast.net
Fri May 21 12:33:20 EDT 2004

Upgraded the computer and now despite looking at all the old messages on
LPT prot setup under WinXPPro, I cannot get CW to key with writelog.
(it seems to do just fine with DX4WIN which I went to from time to time
during all the fiddling with writelog just to make sure that the LPT -->
Radio CW port was working OK.)  Anyway, user port seems to work just
fine to get the WL port setup allow access to the LPT settings (i.e. now
greyed out).  The funny thing I am seeing is thatI need to use LPT1=39a
or higher (i.e. 3FF) in Writelog.ini to get LPT1 to become available in
setup, but when setup that way, it does not key the transmitter.  If I
use 378 which is what the system thinks LPT1 is, I have access to change
settings only for LPT2.  I remember having this problem a couple of
years ago when I first setup userport/WL for CW and don't recall exactly
how I fixed it.  Any suggestions of ideas to try would be appreciated.

Thanks & 73
Stan, N3HS

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