[WriteLog] More on lost WL Help Files

Chuck Fullgraf cfullgraf at sprynet.com
Sun May 23 11:35:04 EDT 2004

By updating through several WL versions, I have found that I lose the help
files between Version 10.45 and 10.46. With Version 10.46 and 10.47, when I
try to open the WriteLog manual from the start menu, I get an error message
that says "Invalid file format". Also, clicking on Help from inside WriteLog
does nothing.

The updated help file from 10.47 is in the WriteLog file folder and clicking
on it directly opens the file, but it won't open from within WriteLog or
from the WriteLog menu button from the Start menu.

If I back date to version 10.45 from 10.47, the manual works from the Start
menu but the help files do not open from inside WriteLog.

I'm using Windows 95.


Chuck, KE4OAR

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