[WriteLog] FW: Orion and Writelog -PROBLEM FIXED: NO RIG but Frequency Can be Sent

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Wed May 26 19:48:13 EDT 2004

I think I've gotten to to bottom of the problems I
encountered with rig control, internal keyer, etc,
using WriteLog 10.47E and Orion 1.370 Update with
Windows XP on the Dell Inspiron:

1. When the CW keying AND the Radio control Selection
   in WriteLog configuration is set to share the same COM port,
      both on the COM1 the hardware port on the Inspiron,
      or both on the COM4 USB to Serial Belkin port,
that is when I have problems:
that is when I get NO RIG (but I can command frequencies),
and that is when the keying from Writelog keyboard or
F-key messages is incomplete U's for V's, K's for C's),
but erratic and not always the same character error,
and that is when enabling the internal keyer causes
erratic length dashes and dots from the paddles.

2. But, great news, when I put the rig on one COM port,
   and put the CW keying on the other COM port, the 
   frequency is correctly displayed, can be commanded
   from call window or spots, and the CW keying seems
   to be perfect from either WriteLog's alt-K or from
   the F-messages.

   And, with separate COMs, I can now toggle the SP switch 
   on the Orion to enable its internal keyer, and the
   paddles work just fine, with no erratic behavior.

3. To key from Writelog, and to NOT have to wire up that
   incredibly small accessory plug for the PTT-keying, 
   I disable the internal keyer with the front panel "SP"
   toggle switch, and I've wired the COM port key line to
   the tip and shield of the rear (stereo) key jack.

4. And with this wiring/keying, I can plug my paddles into
   the front (stereo) key jack, which is wired in parallel
   with the rear stereo key jack, and then, just by toggling
   the SP switch on the front of the Orion to enable the
   internal keyer, I can also send CW from the paddles.

    (of course, with the internal keyer enabled, if I
     accidentally hit a function key, or type in alt-k mode, 
     WriteLog is now keying the internal keyer and jibberish
     is sent).

5. And using a single com port for radio and CW has one other
   strange impact: just the existence of WriteLog running
   corrupts the internal keyer: a string of dots or dashes
   sent from paddles by the internal keyer are erratic -
   a series of 5 or 6 correct dots/dashes, then a very long
   dot/dash, then a series of good, and an elongated dot/dash,
   for as long as either side of the paddle is closed.
   As soon as I close the WriteLog program, or disconnect
   the Rig Control DB9 cable, the keyer sends perfect dashes
   or dots.

6. The preceeding good system only works with AUTO selected
   in the WriteLog Ports window; (and, to be complete with
   my config, I have poll checked for both COM ports, and
   I have COM PTT set to YES for both ports).  Setting any
   specific baud rate, even when the Device Manager Com Port 
   baud speed is set to match that value, does not work.
   However, it is not necessary to set the Device Manger 
   Com Port baud rate to 57600 as I've read in some postings;
   I found either 9600 or 57600 in Device Manager works just
   fine with WriteLog set to AUTO.
     (the Belkin USB to Serial doesn't even have a port
      speed option in the Device Manager COM Port properties).

      (I did have to go to Belkin's home page and get their
       driver for WinXP - it was not on the CD that came with
       the USB to Serial device I bought a year or so ago).

See ya'all in CW WPX this weekend, finally with diversity


Barry, W5GN

So I'm tickled pink, now that I have two com ports,
one for cw keying, one for rig control, I'm in good
shape for the contest this weekend, so I can use
the diversity reception, which is the primary reason
I bought the Orion, plus its great receiver.

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