[WriteLog] FYI: Sound Card

Jon Suehiro nn5t at attglobal.net
Sat May 29 16:43:25 EDT 2004

Well, I shouldn't be playing with PC during WPX contest but ...

If you subscribe RTTY reflector, discussion on Turtle Beach Santa Cruz was
going on as the best fitted card for RTTY decoding.

When I upgraded my Video Card, I tried Turtle Beach as well.

By listening, I agree it is a quiet sound card.   Sound Blaster 512 PCI was
pretty noisy, so I was using Sound Blaster PCI 16 before Turtle Beach.

Definitely Signal Noise Ratio will be improved, but WriteLog CW decoding
performance went SO BAD.   If you have any interference, fading, crashing,
weak signal, even though the audio peak scope indication is clean, it does
not decode at all.   All trash.   Of course this is the result of after
trying different volume level setting on my FT1000D or JST245D, CW filter
500/250Hz, AGC fast/slow, DSP audio filter on and off, and Mic/Line input
level control on Windows.

I was OK with Sound Blaster PCI 16 with MMTTY, was already performing better
than old Theta 5000E or KAM '98, I uninstalled Turtle Beach and went back to
Sound Blaster.   Yes, I can see weak CW signals under the interference fine
as before.

You can surely try if you are interested in Turtle Beach, but I am returning
mine this week-end.

de NN5T, Jon Suehiro

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