[WriteLog] Antenna direction failure - Use Azmiuth Sort Instead

Stan Staten stan.staten at comcast.net
Tue Nov 2 11:12:53 EST 2004

Nice idea, but that doesn't solve the problem of WL not recognizing the
rotator.  The drop down menu item for it is greyed out.  If I can get that
fixed then I can go onto other things.  I actually stopped during the
contest and moved things around on the desk to get the rotator box closer to
my operating position when I found WL would not control it whereas I had
been having no problem with DX4WIN.

Computer: Athlon 3000
Memory:   512Mb
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2

73 Stan, N3HS

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The new WriteLog option to sort spots by Azmiuth was 
especially effective:  I'd set the beams to 135,
work all spots, then to 090, work all spots, then to 045,
then to 330, etc., (and 240 if VK/ZLs were spotted),
which saved lots of lots of wear and tear instead of
constantly moving 300 pounds of antennas and mast.  

I would start with "All Bands" and "Multipliers Only"
and was jumping from band-to-band at a beam heading;
 (yes, I had to cough to cause the Alpha to retune
  before calling - if I called after a band change
  without a cough, they always missed the "W").
I'd work that direction for all spots, then move the beams, work spots, move
the beams, etc., until the spot window was empty of multipliers, and then
would remove the Mult-Only check and 
would work new stations for 20-30 minutes, and then go back to Mults-only.

By working all stations at an azimuth, I had the added advantage that 
I was usually not trying to grab the newest spot; I learned to look at the
time of the spot and if it was very current, and/or if I first heard 
K3WW, W3LPL, K4JA, etc., calling, I knew it was a new spot, so I'd pass 
that spot by for the rest of the stations at that azimuth, and then come 
back at the end of that heading, when the big pileup for the new spot had

100% spots; never called CQ, never even had to S&P,
and was able to work almost every spot; I doubt I missed
more than ten multipliers that could be heard on 40-10. 

Barry, W5GN

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Texas
Operating Time (hrs): 32

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80:    9     6        6
   40:  134    22       67
   20:  340    38      126
   15:  450    39      135
   10:  515    33      132
Total: 1448   138      466  Total Score = 2,748,816

Club: North Texas Contest Club

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