[WriteLog] LPT and XP

Steve L. n4sl at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 12:24:40 EST 2004

I know this has been a confusing and polarizing issue,
but I need to use XP on my notebook to run SO2R w/
Writelog (which I've been doing with Win98 & XP for
five years).

My new HP Pavilion notebook won't work with any of the
LPT drivers I've tried for keying the CW and switching
radio A/B. It works fine with two USB-to-Serial
converters to communicate with the 2 radios.

Is there ANY other way to run real SO2R (needs a radio
A/B output pin to switch my PTT/CW lines) without
using the LPT port and without networking two PCs or
buying a $215 box just to do what I've been doing for
many years?

I don't care if I have to change my homebrew interface
to use a COM port instead of the LPT, even to use a
3rd COM port just for this, but right now I see no way
to run SO2R with XP on the modern notebooks (I
borrowed a friends IBM notebook and it wouldn't work,
either, but I have a desktop that WILL work using XP).
My notebook does have SP2 on it (if you haven't loaded
this yet, please don't, it's total crap).

Also, can this A/B signal come from a COM port
handshake pin in future software revisions?

Thanks & 73,
Steve N4SL
Snohomish, WA

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