[WriteLog] CW on LPT port with Windows XP?????????? Help

W0AH at aol.com W0AH at aol.com
Fri Nov 5 18:57:35 EST 2004

Alan N5NA and others,
   Thank you for your reply.  Have you been able to successfully install a 
third party program and use the LPT ports with Windows XP?  Stan, N3HS, says he 
has not.
As to the SEND QRZ and ENTER problem.
Open any Writelog contest log and click ENTRY at the top .    The third line 
down is SEND QRZ and ENTER  which would make more sense if it said ENTER and 
SEND QRZ.  It is a very usefull shortcut that allows you to send your 
pre-programed QRZ message when you enter a completed contact in the log.  
Go to HELP and MESSAGE SHORTCUT KEY for an explanation.  It is the 4th 
paragraph down.  It worked with my old Windows 98 laptop using an earlier version of 
Writelog.  Can anyone get it to work on Windows XP with Writelog 10.50?
Like Stan, I was hoping to operate the SS tomorrow.
Doug W0AH

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