[WriteLog] WriteLog - How to set Bands?

k6iii at juno.com k6iii at juno.com
Tue Nov 9 23:30:59 EST 2004

Using WL 10.50d

I do not have WL connected to my radio so I have to change bands manually. That is simple enough.

The Bands menu, Set Up Bands item, produce a Band Setup window. Here I can add bands to the list of bands I can select. There is a Title box in this window. I add all the bands (10 thru 160) and a Title and poke the 'x' to dismiss the window. This results in a window listing all the bands I have added. All that is FB and I can work the contest.

EXCEPT - the next time I bring up the same log, all the band information is lost. I don't see anyway to recall the Titled band nor do I see anyway to Save all this band info.

Anyone have a clue how to retain the Band info so I don't have to re-enter it each time I run WL?

(Please answer direct to me off the reflector to k6iii at juno.com)

San Jose, CA
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