[WriteLog] RigBlaster Pro

Paul Mackanos paul at prohomeinspector.net
Wed Nov 10 12:11:29 EST 2004

I just ordered a Rigblaster Pro and want to use it with the following
Icom 746Pro, IC-PW1 Amp & of course Writelog.
My question is this, using the 746Pro and the IC-PW1 amp, it uses the
CT-V Interface (which I have and use, connected per the Icom
Instructions, ex: one cable to the amp & one to the rig coming off of
the CT-V) which goes to the serial port). I see that the Rigblaster Pro
includes the interface unit, but will it control both the 746Pro and the
amp like the ct-V ??
I may be jumping the gun, as the UPS man has not shown up yet, but I
figure that it doesn't hurt to ask.
73 de Paul K2DB
p.s. we will be using this set up for K2NNY for the SSB SS contest.

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