[WriteLog] Bandmap and transceiver frequency

Floyd Sense fsense at copper.net
Sat Nov 13 14:33:38 EST 2004

Well, I got this working but don't know why it works as it does. I found 
that "Restrict clicks to legal bands" was checked in the bandmap FILE menu. 
I unchecked it and now all works as it should.  15 meters is certainly a 
legal band in this case, so don't know why it has that effect.


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Subject: [WriteLog] Bandmap and transceiver frequency

> One last problem here with the new Writelog installation (10.50D).  Can't 
> get the transceiver frequency to set from the bandmap.  I can tune the 
> transceiver and the bandmap and QSO entry window are properly updated in a 
> timely fashion.  However, selecting a station on the bandmap and hitting 
> ENTER get me nothing but a Windows beep.  On the bandmap FILE menu, the 
> first item "Tune to selected station" is greyed out.
> Two other logging programs work just fine with my 781, but I'm missing 
> something with the bandmap interface.
> 73, Floyd - K8AC
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