[WriteLog] Serial Ports

Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Sat Nov 13 22:53:54 EST 2004

 I have also had success with Belkin USB serial port adapters.  Although my
HP Pavilion Laptop is locking up when it is present.  I had one working just
fine in a Compaq desktop for months.

I also have CompUSA brand pci serial/parallel board in the desktop and have
three serial ports currently active.


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I bought a cheapie 2s1p PCI card from CompUSA a year ago and it has worked
fine ever since. It uses one shared IRQ for all functions. Gave me a second
LPT port and serial ports 3&4. $20 or so at CompUSA.

Jerry W4UK

At 23:38 11/13/04, Richard Zalewski wrote:
>I am out of serial ports and have been looking at Serial I/O adapters.  
>Many of them say they share an IRQ.  I will continue to use my
>Comm1 and Comm2.  I will use Comm3 in the new card for cw keying.  Is 
>this shared IRQ going to be a problem with writelog?  Any other
>Dick W7ZR

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