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Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Mon Nov 15 07:35:43 EST 2004


The use of spacer files implies to me that you have some method of trimming 
any sound clip to the bare minimum so that you then can "space" several 
clips together. Most of us are struggling with just trimming the heads and 
tails off these clips so that they don't sound robotic.

Can you share how to visually trim these files to the bare bones (so that 
spacers could be used) and what software you use?

Jerry, W6IHG

At 12:04 AM 11/15/2004 -0800, Eric Hilding wrote:
>I'm bringing up the 82 character limitation issue again in the CW/RTTY/SSB 
>Message area  dialog box again for (IMHO) several important reasons.
>As the future will bring more unique uses of the expanded SSB message 
>handling, individual operator "refinements" and "tweaks" will necessitate 
>clever & creative use of varied-length "spacer" .wav files.  This will 
>substantially eliminate the many needs to re-record individual messages 
>and/or trim the files, because "adjustments" can be made with a stockpile 
>of spacers.
>Some won't understand what I'm talking about so I'm already prepared for 
>flames, but that's OK ;-(
>One exchange I need to program requires 161 characters.  Yes, I could 
>possibly trim it down a bit, but for all this recent new WL capability to 
>be most effective, having the ability to not have to resort to an separate 
>.wav file "lookup list" or "interpretation list" necessitates being able 
>to have a reasonable number of characters to ID the .wav files for fast 
>re-adjusting if desired or necessary.
>Here is an example of why I am requesting further enhancements to the 
>incredible capabilities now in WL, which I believe will also be of benefit 
>to others (if not now, down the line):
>Trimmed down this still requires 136 character spaces, which won't work 
>with the 82 character limitation.
><spc1.wav>, <spc2.wav>, <spc3.wav> can be varied-length spacers for 
>fine-tuning/smoothing and used as desired or needed based upon individual 
>op preference.  And when "Guest Ops" show up, these may be even more 
>valuable for adjustment purposes vs. consolidated .wav files.
>The other issue tied to this (IMHO) is the current narrow width dialog box 
>which requires horizontal scrolling with the cursor keys to view 
>"portions" of a l-e--n---g----t-----h-------y programmed message grouping, 
>instead of as much of a wide "bird's eye view" as possible.
>Tnx very much for considering this request.
>Rick, K6VVA
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