[WriteLog] Shift-F SSB & Shift-F CW not compatible?

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Tue Nov 16 08:09:14 EST 2004

Wayne plus Anyone interested,

I just confirmed Steve's observation on RTTY. When I have changed the 
Shift+Fxx parameter in the writelog.ini file to a new variable, this 
apparently breaks the ability of both the cw and rtty modes to send the 
messages in their shifted message slots. One of those hidden interactions 
that make software so much fun????

Not a big problem to change ini files just need to be aware. But in a 
multimode contest I guess I could use some shifted slots for phone messages 
and some for cw messages.

Using WL 10.50 and Win XP

Jerry, W6IHG

At 04:23 PM 11/14/2004 -0800, Steve L. wrote:
>I've got WL 10.48F working with the F and Shift-F SSB
>transmission messages, but to do so I changed the
>writelog.ini lines:
>FROM: Shift+F02=MessageShift02
>TO: Shift+F02=MessageShiftPh02
>Now it won't send the Shift-F CW messeges.
>Do I need two versions of the .ini file to swtich
>between SSB and CW or am I missing something?
>Also, where did you find anything about this in the
>documentation? I found nothing.
>73, Steve N4SL
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