[WriteLog] ASAP Help Needed With Audio Muting Problem

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Sat Nov 20 22:19:30 EST 2004

Maybe try using one radio. Sometimes less is more.


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-- Eric Hilding <dx35 at hilding.com> wrote:
Just when you think it's all gonna work.

Two radios with one sound board
If you use the Radio menu with two entry windows and tell it you have a 
Radio Left and a Radio Right, then when you "Activate this Radio" (CTRL+R), 
the sound board mutes the appropriate output channel. You can have two 
radios with one sound board this way. If you have not told WriteLog whether 
you are left or right, it puts all audio on both channels. Note that this 
muting is in effect whether you are transmitting a WAV file or not, so your 
microphone signal is also routed to the correct rig.

1.  I have ONE external Audio Card which gets audio into the TXRX via the 
computer speaker/line output.  This works fine.

2.  I have a special "Black Box" which was built with relays to switch this 
ONE audio source between two TXRX's.

3.  When I configured WL for 2 Radios, the audio gets routed AOK as-long-as 
I am ONLY in the Radio 1 (Left) window.

4.  When I change to Radio 2 (Right), no audio comes out of the computer, 
which sends me down the tubes.

5.  I'm not using CTRL + R but rather up/down arrow keys to switch from #1 
(Left) to #2 (Right).

How can I keep the audio coming out of the computer THE SAME, regardless of 
which Radio is selected?

I'm baffled.

Tnx very much.


Rick, K6VVA
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