[WriteLog] Writelog tcpip bug in latest patch

Dale Jackaman dalej at reboot.bc.ca
Mon Nov 29 19:23:39 EST 2004

We got hammered by a pretty serious bug in the latest Writelog and tcpip 
patch.  Version 10.50D   About every hour to two hours Writelog would hang 
with the infamous "Switch to" error message popping up.  All other 
Writelog stations would subsequently to the same at the same time.  Only a 
full restart or a manual killing of the AWLOGPK~1.EXE and WlogNetDde.exe 
services, then reload Writelog, would allow us to continue.  The band map 
window would also flash with odd graphics characters appearing across that 
window in random fashion.   The unpatched Writelog would not allow the 
workstations to stay in sync for very long and we got nailed with too many 
band changes per hour and a couple of 10 minute rule violations in the 
last CQ SSB.  In CQWW CW we had paper handy and reverted to ludditeville 
for those frequent down periods.   I ended up having to take a wireless 
laptop to bed with me to fix issues from remote as we went.  Ack! 

The network here is all XP (and yes, SP2) except for one Windows 2000 
workstation that wasn't used in CQWW CW.   It's a clean network as network 
security is something I do professionally.   The workstations are 
dedicated to the individual stations. 

And the Writelog Packet login window isn't appearing anywhere unless one 
does an ALT/TAB when Writelog loads.  This bug I've seen for some time. 
Would like to see that automated completely as we use a telnet server 
(VE7CC) on another machine and would rather not have to log them in each 
and every time. 

Dale  VE7GL

ve7gl AT rac.ca 

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