[WriteLog] WL and Microkeyer question

Burt Eldridge eldr at adelphia.net
Sun Apr 17 10:05:58 EDT 2005

I am new using Microham Microkeyer.  I can use CW, rig control,  and SSB
with Writelog/MicroKeyer without problems.  I am using FT1K Mk V and Windows
XP pro.


I can receive on RTTY and PSK but I cannot get the rig to key using the MK
with Writelog.  I use com 4 for rig control, com 5 for CW, and com 3 for
RTTY.  I have followed the guidelines from AA5AU website and assume I have
all connected and/or set up correctly.  But not keying the xmtr in RTTY or
PSK.  The microkeyer appears to be keying as the lite comes on with the rtty
sig and the computer stops as though I were transmitting.  But the rig
doesn't know it !!!


Any ideas of what I am not looking at?  And thank you.


Burt,  W1ZS



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