[WriteLog] Possible Problem with 10.56C

JE Brown W4LC at fuse.net
Fri Dec 2 09:54:48 EST 2005

In setting up for TARA, I am noticing that there seems to be a problem with
Writelog detecting the rig.

When the program first starts, the rig and correct frequency ARE displayed.
After making a frequency change, and a lapse of a few seconds, the frequency
disappears from Writelog, and the "No Rig" message appears.

Going into  Setup > Ports everything is correct.  After closing Setup >
Ports, the rig reappears in Writelog.  Then the same happens again, i.e.
after a frequency change, the program losses the radio, and the "No Rig"
message appears.

It appears that, as long as the radio frequency dial is not moved, the rig
is reflected on the program.  I have not seen this problem before.

I am using a TS850.

The .ini file appears to be correct, i.e. 4800, n, 8, 1, x

Suggestions please.

Thanks        Jim    W4LC

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