[WriteLog] Possible Problem with 10.56C No Problem

Joe Subich, W4TV k4ik at subich.com
Tue Dec 6 09:49:29 EST 2005

W5XD Writes:

> 10.56 introduced a change to work around a bug in a certain
> COMM port driver (from microHam) and has apparently found a
> bug in some other hardware/driver combination. The change in
> WL is to notice the COMM port has quit sending characters and
> to reset it. It seems I must make WL even more tolerant of
> buggy hardware.

On behalf of the fine folks at microHAM, I take offense at Wayne's
assertion that the microHAM driver is buggy.  microHAM have made
several changes in the microKEYER and CW Keyer firmware, including
just prior to CQWW CW to accommodate the programming issues with

Most recently, microHAM changed firmware to give priority to data
from the radio (CAT) interface.  This was necessary because WriteLog
polls WinKey approximately "20 times per second" (according to W5XD).
The WinKey polls had the effect of delaying CAT responses beyond
WinKey's overly tight "time out" parameter for CAT data resulting
in the "No Rig!" response.

microHAM's driver (microHAM Router) and firmware work very well
with scores of well-behaved software programs.  In addition,
microHAM have always worked with developers to resolve problems
as well as working independently to resolve incompatibilities
at the request of users.

For Wayne to blame microHAM for a defect caused by his own program
design is wrong and absolutely unnecessary.


    ... Joe Subich, W4TV
        microHAM America, LLC.

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