[WriteLog] do soundcards make a difference?

FireBrick w9ol at billnjudy.com
Wed Dec 14 09:00:33 EST 2005

I had a Turtle Beach card and it seemed to work well, but this new computer came with a 
Creative Audigy card.

I'm presently using the Creative Audigy as the sound card for WinWarbler, Writelog, MMTTY 
It seems to do a fine job. It claims 24 bit with a 108db SNR

Currently, the Flex-Radio SDR system recommends the M-Audio Delta 44 sound card with it's 
4x4 24bit full duplex features.

It's tough to compare on the web. So anyone out there have a preference for either the 
Audigy or the M-Audio?
Or do the newer USB sound card system work even better? (for rtty, psk, and saved .wav 
file buffers)

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