[WriteLog] Rotator Control

Joseph Young jwyoung at cybertrails.com
Wed Dec 21 11:11:36 EST 2005

I am still fighting a rotator control problem with WriteLog. The  
rotator is the C.A.T.S. DPU-1800d
and it responds correctly to the HyGain DCU-1 control character set,  
but only at 2400 baud.
In WriteLog I have set up for the correct Com Port and the DCU-1  
format. Then I go to the device
manager and force the baud rate to 2400 with the correct number of  
data bits, start, stop, etc.
When I command the antenna to turn (Radio, Antenna to this azimuth  
(Value)) the rotator control
unit does not receive the command to turn to (Azimuth). This is very  
confusing because using
another logging program that allows the baud rate to be set directly  
in the program (to 2400)
the controller works every time. I am missing something somewhere.
Thanks in advance for any ideas on this one.

73 de Joe, W6RLL

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