[WriteLog] Start Sending Now feature in Writelog

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Jul 8 02:14:17 EDT 2005

Chris, G3SJJ suggested:

 > Start typing call - Hit Ins - Finish typing call.

I think I need to explain more of what this is all about.

At 35WPM, the *unnecessary* motion of moving a finger to press the "Ins" 
key in the middle of typing a QRQ callsign can actually cause more 
*unnecessary* delays.

Crank up WL to 35WPM and operate for even just 4 hours trying "Start typing 
call - Hit Ins - Finish typing call" and run a test against TRlog with 
"Auto Send Character Count" set for a similar period.  I think you'll be 
amazed at the difference.  If you're a DX run station, that's where this 
feature really shines.

The "Magic" about a "Start Sending At Character (Number)" feature... which 
is called "Auto Send Character Count" in TR and is terrific, is 
that  high-speed CW efficiency is maximized...especially in the latter part 
of a contest when one also has to deal with fatigue issues.  Any 
*unnecessary* delays...even fractional second delays x high QSO rates can 
actually cost an operator more valuable contacts over the long haul.

If one has never experienced the awesomeness of this feature in TR, they 
simply don't know what they are missing.  At times I' ve found it to be 
almost like having an extra finger or hand...but one I don't have to expend 
any additional energy to work or brainpower to think about what it's doing, 
because it is all AUTOMATIC.  That's one reason why my long time friend 
Jim, N6TJ/ZD8Z, has made use of the feature for years!  Obviously so has 
OH2MM...and many other TOP CW contest ops.  There is a reason for it!!!

I'm sure Ville, OH2MM, can further elaborate on the benefits to high-speed 
CW contest operators.  IMHO, the last thing one needs to do is some 
*unnecessary* additional keystroke while copying QRQ CW and trying to type 
a callsign in a fast paced contest.

A "Start Sending At Character (Number) feature in WL will be a real winner.


Rick, K6VVA

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