[WriteLog] Slurring Characters

John Muzyka g4rcg at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 9 17:02:07 EDT 2005

Hi All
I was using V10.53E in the ARI contest this w/e and started off by using the Microham USB unit to key the rig, which it started off ok, BUT after a short while it started send at random just jiberish cw, so I hurridly changed it to use my Winkey (reconfigured WL setup) and this was ok apart from slurring characters that occured when the rig was sending and when I was going between the entry fields of the log, this carried on most of the time, My Pc is not a laptop (I got the microham for the laptop but the xyl was doing a project on it) its an AMD 2600 with 512 meg of ram, the only other thing running at the time was DX summitt.
Did anyone else have any problems or was it just me??
John G4RCG

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