[WriteLog] How to create COMM5

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Wed Nov 2 07:00:36 EST 2005


Find your writelog.ini file - in the ..\windows\... directory. Open it in 
Notepad. Look for a section labeled [Ports]
If there is no such section, you can create one. Then place the 
command   "CommSlot4=5" in that section. Do not type the quotes.


Save the file, reopen Writelog and set up your radio

Jerry, W6IHG

At 05:37 AM 11/1/2005 -0800, Janez Pungarsek wrote:
>My laptop has only COMM5 available for communication with my ICOM rig. In 
>the SETUP/PORTS there are only COMM1-4 available, while help file shows 
>the example where COMM6 is instead of COMM4. I would like to do the same 
>but I need COMM5. How to do it?
>Thank you
>Janez, S58J
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