[WriteLog] Network Instability

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Mon Nov 21 14:00:37 EST 2005

Hi Hal.

This happens to us every time we run Writelog in a network 
configuration. It happened at least 4 times this weekend doing a 
multi-op for the SS Phone.

During a multi-op here, sooner or later most of the computers 
(usually at different times) will get the flickering band map and the 
computer will crash. But sometimes two of them will crash at the same 
time. I am running 10.55D now but the problem was happening at 
Writelog levels before that also.

At first we thought it was due to having some W98 machines in the 
network. So we made sure we had all XP machines and the problem still occurred.

Then we thought it was due to network traffic and we re-arranged our 
strategy for distributing packet spots. but the problem still happened.

It is such a problem that I have started avoiding using the band map. 
I am trying to remember if it happens when I am single-operating and 
only use one computer. I don't think it does, but I am not 100 
percent sure of that. Occasionally I use a networked computer as a 
log backup and that may be clouding my memory. I will watch closely 
this coming weekend (single-op assisted) to see if it happens.

We also use the TCP/IP selection for the local network. Some of our 
computers are eithernet and some are connected by wireless.

73, Richard - K5NA

At 17:44 11/21/2005, Hal Kennedy wrote:
>I've seen the following problem at two contest stations within the last
>month - both running 10.55 on at least two computers in the network, and
>both running telnet.
>After an hour or two the spots within the bandmaps on both machines start
>jittering, followed by a crash of at least one computer on the network.
>Both were using TCP/IP.  This is apparently Windows getting confused and
>suffering a memory allocation problem, based on error messages that show as
>the crash occurs - but exactly why and how to stop it - well, out of ideas
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