[WriteLog] CQWW CW Contest only cluster node

Mike McCarthy, W1NR lists at w1nr.net
Thu Nov 24 20:45:26 EST 2005

The Sweeps only cluster was quite popular last weekend so I have set up the
filters at usdx.w1nr.net for CQWW CW.  Only spots originating in zones 1-9
and for stations on the CW portions of the contest bands will be displayed.
I have set the frequency spreads on the high side to catch spots for
stations working real high up in the bands.  This might let some phone spots
through on 160 and possibly 40.  Also note that the show/dx command shows
ALL spots unfiltered.  Show/mydx will show filtered spots.

Access via telnet to usdx.w1nr.net.

Unfiltered spotting access is at dx.w1nr.net.

73 and GL in the test de Mike, W1NR

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