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Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Tue Oct 4 06:46:44 EDT 2005


Not much help (it is too early in morning for brain to wake up) but I see 
that I have a "special" cable I make to take my Heil Icom mic to the sound 
card. There is something you have to do. After I did the cable, mine worked 
much much better than the older "comm" element with the external mic preamp 
i built.

I will look for notes today. But just thinking about it, you have to get 
the dc voltage to the mic on the single mono wire - so my guess is: the 
mono wire goes to the ring end of the stereo plug and a small cap goes from 
ring to tip.

Jerry, W6IHG

PS Found my notes that say -

- has a special adapter cable for the radio because the DC (7.0 volts) 
feeds thru to the microphone element.
- on the sound board there is 3.6 volts on the "ring"
- Need to wire an adapter cable for use with the new headset and the computer.

At 10:56 PM 10/3/2005 -0400, Rick Mintz wrote:
>Hi guys,
>A question on recording voice .WAV files.
>I am using a Heil "ic" element and seem to have a VERY low level audio 
>going to Windows sound recorder. Anyone have a solution?
>Rick W1TY
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